Family Resemblance

Family Resemblance is a long-term photography project; the goal of it is to document and celebrate people who are genetically related, and bear a strong resemblance to each other. People are invited into my studio and given the instructions to wear white. While they are in front of the camera, I ask them questions about family, and being related to each other. If they are siblings, I ask them about their childhoods and if they ever got mistaken for one another. I ask what it feels like to look like someone else—someone you love. Sometimes I shoot them in specific poses, and other times I photograph them letting them do whatever they want. Over the course of three years I photographed over 700 people.

Family Resemblance Book Cover

Family Resemblance will be published as a book by Daylight Books in May of 2020. If you’d like to get occasional emails about this—and other—projects, you can sign up for my newsletter.

You can also read some press about the project:
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, “They are Family: Minneapolis Photographer Captures Local Lookalikes”

ProjectFamily ResemblanceYear2016 - Present