Midwest Emmy

The episode of Minnesota Original that I was featured on was awarded a Midwest Emmy! I was really proud of the team that assembled the show; they did such a good job, and were deserving of this honor.

I was also surprised that I get to hang on to the Emmy for a while. I’ll keep it for a few months before passing it on to the next artist in our episode.

Congrats to the Minnesota Original team, and Twin Cities PBS. You can read more about the project here.


  • Ashleigh V. Rowe, Executive Producer
  • Amy Melin, Producer
  • Brittany Shrimpton, Producer
  • Brennan Vance, Director of Photography
  • Ryan Klabunde, Editor
  • Ezra Gold, Senior Editor
  • Joseph Demko, Field and Post Audio
  • Jack Davis, Videographer
  • Eric Pagel, Field Audio
  • David Canada, Field Audio
  • Michael Phillips, Videographer
  • Marissa Blahnik, Managing Producer