Creative Juice Break

As a bonus to my Minnesota Original segment for TPT, they asked if I’d collaborate with them on some mobile photography tips. The producers knew that I teach iPhone photography for a few different organizations, and wanted me to help them create a fun, 60-second video that would give some pointers to people.

We shot this in an afternoon, while we were doing a few pick-up shots for MN Original, and I had almost forgotten all about it until they let me know it was done. I laughed out loud at the moment when I had to jump for the balloon; that wasn’t staged, and I was actually afraid we were going to lose our prop!

The video circulated widely on Facebook; last I checked it had over 17,000 views. The most fun part about seeing the video circulate was when friends would post photos using one of my tips and tag me. I think the response has been so positive because the video is fun and silly, while also giving a few tips in just 60 seconds.